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LEAP Parkour Park

Does the new L.E.A.P. park from Parkour Generations look like amazing fun or what?


Check out the full gallery on Flicker.



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Push-Up Variations

Push-ups are great upper-body conditioning. They’re great conditioning for muscle-ups, climb-ups and handstands. They do tend to get boring after a while, so check out these variations.



Ignore the OMGGGG-ness of the description. These are good practice for double/diving kongs; just make sure you’re warmed up and your wrists and shoulders are ready to take the strain. Oh, and don’t lock your elbows, or you may be in for a broken arm or two.

Want more pain? Got you covered.

35 Different Ways to do Push-ups.

An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up

How To Do a Proper Push-up

One Arm Push-up Tutorial

Handstand Push-up Tutorial

Push-up variations by Wikipedia

Have fun. You will be sore tomorrow.

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Weekly Video Showcase 2: Daft Punk, Danny, and Monkeys

Funniest parkour video ever. Continue Reading →

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Assassin’s Creed Wallpapers

You can download them from these links:

Nothing is true.

Everything is permitted.

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They think/We think

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They see/We see

We see things differently.

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