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MINI and Red Bull Present Art of Motion: “Philosophy”

As I travel through the city, I’m not just looking at the shops or the people walking by. I’m looking at the architecture; the curves, the angles… the materials. And in my mind, I’m putting together how I can bounce off, and slide, and swing on all these different surfaces

We have this thing called “parkour vision.” We always see the different possible ways we can move over it… climb on it, move on it.

Parkour vision

So when we come to these abandoned buildings, we don’t just see something useless and forgotten. We see something full of potential. And a place to create something new.


We only have this one life to live. So what are we to do with that? Should we just allow fear to force us into these routines that we just repeat over and over every day? Or should we still try to expand out and explore the infinite realm of possibilities in life, and in movement?

Through the creative use of space, we’re not limited by our spaces. They’re our canvas, and our movements are like the paint. We live in a world of abstraction, we deal a lot with words and symbols, representations of things, images. But when you do freerunnning, it gets you back to direct contact with reality in the moment.

I find that when it comes time to make a big leap, the best thing is just ot quiet the mind, be fully in touch my senses. And when you’re there the fear just kind of disappears… and this moment is all that is real. The past is just a memory, the future is not here yet. Just this tiny sliver of time.

The only way to find out what you can do is to try it.

-Levi Meeuwenberg

Such an eloquent way to state the philosophy of a traceur.

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