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Traceurs I Want to See in a Red Bull Art of Motion

Say what you will about the Red Bull Art of Motions, they’re always a hoot to watch. Some of them have been more competitive than others, but they’re usually happy and good-natured. It’s more like a huge jam than a “in-it-to-win-it” competition. Ryan Doyle thinks so:

“It’s more of an exhibition of different styles. The audience down on the ground want a winner, obviously, but there are no losers. The judges are judging the environment, not the athletes. It’s not 25 freerunners competing against each other, it’s 25 freerunners competing against the course every time – almost like 25 different tournaments.”

With that in mind, here are 8 guys I’d like to see competing against those awesome courses that Red Bull sets up.

Since the AoM’s have been going on since 2007, some of these freerunners may have already participated and I didn’t know about it. Let me know in the comments if  anything is wrong.


1: Daniel Ilabaca

Daniel Ilabaca

Everybody knows him. Inventor of the kong gainer and wall spin. Flowy as water. Cool hair. All-around awesome dude. He would do great in any AoM because he’s just so incredibly adaptable.

2: Sébastien Foucan

Sébastian Foucan

Not as a competitor, but as a judge. Then again, it might detract from his current “above it all” status. Still, it would be cool if he just showed up.

3: Shade Zlat

Oddly, Russia doesn’t seem to have a really strong presence in the AoMs; Shade could definitely change that.

4: Phil Doyle

Phil Doyle

Of Professor Longhair, Big Chief fame, Phil is also legendary for his huge rail precisions. Oh, and he was lit on fire, along with next guy on this list…

5: Paul “Blue” Joseph

Paul Joseph

He won the AoM 2009 in Vienna, but he hasn’t come to any others in a while. Wonder what he’s up to? Hopefully working on a Storm Freerun Vol. 2?

6: Daniel Arroyo

Daniel Arroyo

One of my favorite freerunners of all time, and inventor of the cast bomb. I’d love to see him tear up a course.

7: Chase Armitage

Chase Armitage

He was a judge at the Japan AoM, and look at this awesome video we got of him training with the other traceurs and traceuses.

8: Any of the 3Run crew


It’d be awesome if they all entered the same one, just for kicks. England would be practically guaranteed a winner.


Yes, I Know…

That if they haven’t gone to one by now, they probably won’t, period. But it’s still fun to think about. Can you imagine the awesome videos that would come from a gathering of all of these guys, plus Ryan Doyle, Jason Paul, Tim Shieff, Luci Steel, Markus Gustafsson, Pip Anderson, Cato Aspmo, and all the other guys who usually turn up at the AoMs?

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