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KO Gen 2!


OOOOOOOOHHHHH. This is sexy.

The WFPF Know Obstacle Generation 2 shoes have been officially announced today. They’ll be out this weekend.

These seem to be the main visual changes:

  • The color scheme is black, grey, and blue instead of light grey and blue.
  • Laces are black.
  • There’s more leather on the sides near the toes.
  • Looks more tapered near the toes (but that could just be this viewpoint).
  • Seems a bit lower-cut.

Changes I’m hoping for:

  • Less slippery insole.
  • Color options for the blue toes.
  • Color options for the soles. Red soles like in Mirror’s Edge would be awesome. Probably won’t happen because of scuffing issues, but it would still be cool.

I really like the grey color scheme. My KOs are fairly hideous because of all the grass and dirt stains on the white material. The grey should hide the scuffs and stains a lot better than the white. They’ll be a little less garish on the street, too. Low, dark, and tasteful are the words that come to mind. The blue stitching around the “KO” logo is especially understated and nice.

I’m looking forward to trying these out sometime.


More pictures!

Five dollars more. Guess that’s not bad. Also, there are “structural improvements.” Wonder what that means? I hope they’re just as flexible as the old ones. The grip is unchanged, so that’s pretty great.

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  • Zach

    can you make an infference on the grip from the classic to the gen2?

    • AlanSchex

      They’re about equal.