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Weekly Video Showcase 12: Dreams, Wushu, and Backwards Movement

Oops it’s late! Ah well.

Australian parkour fun.

Team Qarouh from the AoM Kuwait. Vinnie Coryell, Ryan Doyle, Shaun Wood, and Kie Willis.


And here’s the official video.


While we’re watching the AoM Kuwait, check out the winning video.


Absolutely stunning. Incredible editing.


First-person wushu!


This must have been really difficult to film. End product is pretty darn awesome, though.


HUGE bar tricks.


Storm Freerun messing around in a library. Just as awesome as it sounds.


Daniel Arroyo training. One of the last videos he’ll be putting out, because he has to sell his camera. Which is a shame, because as good as he is, people should be calling him all the time for jobs. *sadface*


“Confidence comes from practice… and I practiced a lot.”

This is a great video about, at its essence, overcoming fear. If you missed a jump and you’re now afraid of it, or if you bailed a flip and now you can’t do it, you need to watch this.


There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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