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Weekly Video Showcase 14: Pirates, Woof-Poof, and Nutshots

Freerunning pirates! Also, there’s some nice shots of Russian websters at 1:37 and 2:22. Worth watching just for those if you’re looking for something to mix up your websters.


Baby knees giants with Ryan Ford and Erica Madrid. Those two look they’re having a loooot of fun.


A little too artsy for my taste, but the slo-mo shots are great.


Somewhat amusing, but I think even an average man could perform better than that. There’s humor in exaggeration, but this goes a little too far.


Cheerleaders may actually be gutsier than traceurs — they do a lot of the same tricks, but they have to rely on other people to catch them and make sure they don’t crash. I couldn’t do that, too paranoid.


Legends is right. You’ve probably already seen a lot of these clips, but WOW it’s awesome to see them all in one place.


But… why?


There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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  • http://www.newenglishsong.com/ Kim Sharon

    lol…. I just laughed loudly after watching Average man VS Parkour expert video footage. Among all of these videos this is the best video (in my opinion). Thanks and will catch you next week.