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Puma Faas 500 First Impressions

Puma Faas 500 logo


Holy SNAP these things are comfortable. Really comfy to stand in. There’s no arch support to screw with the way you walk or run, which is good. The backs of the heels are fairly low, so they don’t dig into the Achilles tendon when I point my toes. The heels themselves are about an inch thick, so these are definitely not “barefoot” shoes. But then, they aren’t intended to be. The Puma BioRide mechanism is built in, and it definitely works. It seems to be a lot easier to heel strike, roll my feet forward and push off my toes than in any other shoes I’ve worn. And yes, this is a shoe made for heel-striking. But it’s very very light.

Again, very comfy to wear. At least for short periods. I haven’t yet had a chance to use them during a full day of training.

They fit me quite well. There is just enough toe space to be comfortable, not enough to present problems when precision jumping. I think.


Puma Faas 500

Not gonna lie, the green and blue color scheme is… well, obnoxious. But! There are more attractive alternatives available on the Puma website or Amazon, including some very nice blue/grey and red/grey options.

Build Quality

Puma Faas 500 grips

They seem to be very well put together, but only time and usage will really tell. The suede around the toe box will almost certainly get torn up with a lot of wallruns. I do not have particularly high hopes for how the soles will hold up with serious flexing, but again, time and usage will tell. I do think it will take some very serious flexing to completely destroy them, though.


Hey, I’ve got to leave something for the full review, right?!

But really: I haven’t yet had a good chance to test out the Faas 500s on the street, so I’m going to hold off on giving an opinion for now. However, just by judging from how they feel on my feet, I’m very hopeful.

The full review, with a much more comprehensive analysis and a lot more pictures, will be up in about a month.

Thanks to Puma for sending these my way.


Update: Here is the full review!

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  • Oliver Scholes

    used these for a few weeks.. the sectioned sole gets shredded at the ball of the foot. not worth the money.