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Mirror’s Edge Movie?

Mirror's Edge

Late last night, Parkour Generations posted that the Mirror’s Edge will soon be made into a movie. This is exciting news, although I’m a little skeptical of whether it’ll actually happen, considering that Mirror’s Edge 2 was discussed several months ago, and nothing has yet come of it yet. It’s even more sketchy considering that there are no other details provided, such as the studio producing it, scriptwriters, possible directors, etc. Granted, this is very early in the process, so all that uncertainly is unsurprising. Still, since PKGEN was involved in making the original Mirror’s Edge game, they would likely been contacted for help with the movie. Anyway, I’m hoping for the best. Who would play Faith, though?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Mirror’s Edge 2 and Mirror’s Edge the movie were released at the same time, with concurrent story lines? With one preceding the other, or the game following the plot of the movie?

Via parkourgenerations.com