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Weekly Video Showcase 28: Vainah, Zorro, and Lazers

This week’s article will be awesome. I promise.

Video time!

Best moments of World | By Vainah

Words can’t even describe the epic in this video. Doctors can’t even decide if they should laugh or feel sorry for the knees in this video.


Nice little short film.


Acro Yoga – Contrast Of Movement


Constant Flow – Freerunning


Parkour: The Mark of Zorro!!!

Wow, this guy is doing kongs and wallruns and dive rolls and underbars decades before David Belle.


The Mist

So so so pretty and peaceful!


3Run a Mile for Sports Relief

I find it interesting to take note of the shoes they’re wearing. I see Puma Faas 500s and some unidentifiable shoes that look like they might be Kalenjis.


Daer Sánchez – [Showreel 2012]

Smooth! His roundoff back fulls have a different takeoff than usual.


Daniel ‘Knox’ Mannino – 2012 – Lazzzzer Video

Epic editing and sick moves.


There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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