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Weekly Video Showcase 30: Running the City, UFF, and Globus

Wow, it’s hard to believe the Weekly Video Showcase has been going on for 30 weeks.

We run this city – Frankfurt

YES! Another Team Farang video. I think my favorite part about this one is that not all of the moves are rehearsed-a-hundred-times picture-perfect. It has a rawer, more visceral feel to it than their past videos.

WFPF.com – Hot Shots! – Marcus Paul Wilson

17 and this good?! Imagine when he’s 25 or 26…

Urban Free F***

I’m not going to comment on this – yet. Be sure to read the description on YouTube.

Forest Foray

SICK nature training.


Sweet video, but I wish there was more bails. Not just because they’re funny, but because it makes the really really good traceurs like Tim Shieff, Paul Joseph, Toby Segar, etc. more relatable.

Globus The Movie

Nasty bails, but looks like incredible fun.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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