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Weekly Video Showcase 31: 2runs, Lemma, and a Castaway

Why, it’s Easter! Have a picture of what not to do in celebration, despite how much fun it appears:

Parkour – 2runs, no 3Run (Miramas, FRANCE)

The Mind Is Everything

Ahh, I love this video… he’s so clean.

EP3: Momento – Will Sutton – Parkour Tour

Texas Tour – Southern Belles (Parkour/Frerunning)

Cristo 20.12 years – Earthquake

12. Years. Old. What’s your excuse?

Phil Doyle: ‘Back to the streets’ | Career Highlights |

What a precisioning BEAST.

Lemma Gameplay Trailer

Lemma looks like it could be a fun game.

HOW TO – Castaway Back

Ohh, I’m liking these Pip Andersen tutorials. Very clear and funny to boot.

3 in 1

That dive roll at the end… unbelievable.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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