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Weekly Video Showcase 33: Ukraine, TamCam, and Merciless

3RUN Family – Insane in the Ukraine 2012

Words cannot express how much I love this video. As a general rule I stay stonefaced whenever I’m on the computer, but this video had me smiling, laughing, and jaw dropping at the same time. Seriously 3run, how are you so awesome?

Tam with a cam 02

WOW. She is incredibly fast and confident and powerful in her movements. Seriously can’t wait for more from her.

Stretch of Time – Parkour/FreeRunning in 1000fps ft. Kie Willis OFFICIAL

No mercy

Normally I’m not such a fan of this kind of violence+parkour filmography, but this was extraordinarily well done. Watch in 720 or 1080p if you can, it’s worth it.

Away From

WFPF Hot Shots! – Johnny Donohoe

Girlicious Parkouring in Montreal

There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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  • http://denny.me Denny

    I like the way Tam’s videos show quite a lot of her stitching a few movements together into an actual run.  Too many parkour/free-running videos that I find seem to be more like stunt showreels – one big movement at a time, and lots of flash editing to hang it all together.