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Weekly Video Showcase 38: The Sébastian Foucan Edition

Today is Sébastian Foucan’s birthday! As usual, let’s celebrate with a compilation of his videos.

sebastien foucan dans casino royale

His most famous and still one of the best. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 37: Dub Side, Darkness, and Water

Double Side on Grass

O.O Continue Reading →

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Should I Do Parkour In Gloves?

The brief answer: No. The real answer: No, but there are exceptions.

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t wear gloves while doing parkour, plus an explanation of why it may sometimes be okay to wear them. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 36: Mario, Monkeys, and Vodka

Lets Go – parkour and free running 2012 ft “Marcus Zyrken Gustafsson” OFFICIAL

His style is sick. Continue Reading →

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Against The Three Point Landing

This video is just brilliant.

Hollywood’s ridiculous land-on-one-knee-for-maximum-coolness has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. When I went to watch The Avengers the other day, Thor’s three-point landing irritated me so much.

From the Avengers


Iron Man can get away with it because… Well, because he’s in a metal suit. His knees are gonna be fine.

Iron Man


The thing that really gets me is that Levi Meeuwenberg was Captain America’s parkour stunt double – you’d think that maybe they would have consulted someone who actually does landings like that. But nope, they just went for the maximum cool factor.

Although in all seriousness, Levi probably wasn’t involved at all in that scene. Or this scene.

From the Avengers

I AM BLACK WIDOW! MY PATELLA IS COVERED BY...well, skin-tight leather.

One last clip that annoys me more than usual:

From Tron Legacy

lol I'm just a computer program, don't need no stinking patella

Anis Cheurfa played Rinzler. Anis Cheurfa is a tricker. Specifically, he’s a really really good tricker. He knows how to land. Did the director, who specifically sought him out to play Rinzler, consult him on the practicality of this landing? No.

If you will allow me to briefly go on about what happened the one time I used a three point landing…

I was playing laser tag. It was dark in the room. I was getting shot from three different directions. So I ran towards the nearest railing and speed vaulted it, thinking to land a foot or two lower.

It was about 4.5 feet lower.

The miscalculation of the height, plus the weight of my gun and backpack forced me to one knee and – gasp – I did a three point landing.

Click for source

And you know what: that really hurt. I hobbled to the nearest cover and sat there massaging my knee before getting back up and hobbling back to the game.

Let’s wrap up with a good landing, courtesy of Alexander “BAIT” Bayturin.

And that’s how it’s done.


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Weekly Video Showcase 35: JLo, Svir, and Off the Grid

Today we’ve got some unknowns and some very well knowns.

Wisin & Yandel – Follow The Leader ft. Jennifer Lopez

Daniel Arroyo as Jennifer Lopez? Okay. That’s cool. That’s very cool. Continue Reading →

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