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Vivobarefoot Neos

My first sighting of the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo shoes was on the feet of Erica Madrid of Apex Movement. They looked cool, and hey – if Apex Movement wears them, they must be decent shoes, right? I looked up the Neos and after seeing the price, wrote them off. $110 for a pair of shoes whose purpose is to feel like they’re not even there? No thanks.

But is there something about the Neos that makes them worth the price? Now that I’ve trained in them, I can give you the answer.
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Weekly Video Showcase 43: Chasing Time and Detail

Chase Armitage 2012 Training

Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy. Continue Reading →

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Traceuses You Must Know

Right now, there is no denying that parkour is a male dominated sport. This is changing, as more and more girls see that it’s okay to go train with guys. These 7 traceuses have risen to the top of the growing wave of girl parkour.

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Weekly Video Showcase 41: Helicoptero, Dating, and a Teaser

Helicoptero Exampler and Progressions

Did not expect to make a video this week, but the gif of this move suddenly became my most noted post on Tumblr pretty much overnight, and got posted to reddit three times. So I figured I might as well attempt to stop the LOLFAKE comments. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 40: Boundaries, Bangkok, and Belgium Business

Forty editions of the WVS. Hard to believe.

Breaking Boundaries

Massive, superbly clean precisions. Continue Reading →

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Interview with Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap

Adam Dunlap

Take Flight Apparel has been going through quite a bit of turmoil lately. Their actions for the past few months have been increasingly alarming. Things came to a head late last April, when I reported on their acquisition of parkour.com and the subsequent disappearance of that site’s former content. The comments on that post led to Adam Dunlap, founder of Take Flight, offering to do an interview to explain – the only one he plans to do. Here it is, along with my analysis of his answers.

To get a really good grasp on everything we talk about, you’ll want to read DavidBelle.com and Take Flight Apparel and Goodbye, Parkour.com; Hello, Parkour.com, which document the history behind this.

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