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Updates: Subscription! Store! Speed!

I am immensely pleased to have finished a minor (yet significant) redesign, two days away from FYPK’s first birthday. There’s not a whole lot of changes visually, aside from a new logo and new fonts, but there are a lot of smaller, significant changes such as…

Responsive Design

Grab the corner of your browser window and resize it. Watch what happens. Cool, right? The smaller designs are so that mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have the same site design as a full-scale desktop browser.


It took me far too long to implement this, but there’s finally a FYPK newsletter. Sign up below or in the sidebar to receive the latest articles, updates, and other things-that-are-not-spam.

Bonus: There’s a big big big announcement coming in the next two or three months that will be announced first via newsletter.


Lots of goodies going on here. Head on over to see how it works and what’s in it.


[Note: the speed won't kick in for a day or so.]

I did a lot of technical work to make FYPK run faster and smoother. I won’t bore you with the details, just enjoy the speed.

Now there may be a few (or a lot) of bugs happening, so please bear with me as I work them all out. Email me if you find anything outstandingly bad – or good!