Weekly Video Showcase 52: TITs, Ghosts, and One Hand

Brief update on the Ollo Sapien shoes: they’ve relaunched their Kickstarter campaign with a lower goal and more time, so now you have more time to consider – or if you had previously funded, you’ll need to do so again. On to the videos!

TIT JAM 2012!!!!

No lie, this is one of the most epic edits I’ve ever seen.

Substance Over Hype RIDING WITH A GHOST- William Spencer, Daniel Ilabaca, Tim Shieff

DANNY DANNY DANNY! The rest of them are pretty awesome too.

Summer highlights 2012.

Just… Beautiful.

Anthow 2012, PARKOUR One hand. Adaptation

Speed, power, grace, and only one hand.

Ryan Doyle Travel Story : Freerunning in Jordan – Episode 5

The locations are incredible, and that hypertwist to butterfly twist at the end is sick.

‘Dear Red Bull’ – Episode 104

At this point, a new Storror video is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the WVS.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to the Weekly Video Showcase, other than that they’re all somehow related to parkour.

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  • Dan

    I love these weekly showcase! They’re amazing. It’s quite hard finding good parkour vid. like these. Don’t ever stop making them.