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Beyond Belle

The time has come for the parkour community to admit something.

David Belle is not a god in human form. David Belle is not superhuman. Most importantly, David Belle is no longer the leader of the parkour community.

Why not?

The Philosophical Reason

David Belle is one of the first in the world to formalize the practice we now know as parkour. People have been doing the purest form of parkour since the beginning of time, when the first man needed to escape a predator. Many “modern” parkour moves have been around since at least the 1920’s and ’30s. Many of the principles behind parkour were expressed in Georges Hébert’s Méthode Naturelle. Parkour itself, the fastest and most efficient way to move, is not new. Its formalization is, and David Belle was at the forefront of it. Whether or not he is the genuine founder remains unknown. He says he is. Some of the Yamakasi, his training partners, maintain that he is not. Will this debate ever be resolved? I don’t know, though I will be ecstatic if it is. But that’s not the point.

Let us assume, for the sake of expediency, that David Belle is the sole, unquestionable founder of parkour. Even if you don’t believe it, assume it is so for a few minutes. What has he done?

David Belle did little to promote parkour. He made and distributed his famous Speed Air Man video in 1997 – though he failed to mention that not everything in it is parkour. The Speed Air Man video is not a parkour showreel. It is a David Belle skill reel. He wanted to show movie makers what he could do, so that he could get acting gigs. Speed Air Man succeeded at that. David starred in several movies of his own and was brought on as a stunt coordinator for several more.

As a parkour video, Speed Air Man failed on a grand scale. Yes, it inspired many of today’s greatest traceurs. However, it completely destroyed David’s own definition of parkour – fast, efficient movement. The flips, spins, and fancy movement in Speed Air Man led to a confusion over the meaning of parkour. To compound the mess, David Belle disappeared from public view for the next 14 years. He did not guide the budding worldwide parkour community, instead letting Sebastien Foucan and the Yamaksi (via Parkour Generations) lead in the UK, and let the rest of the world sort itself out. Even during the height of the Urban Freeflow controversy and the parkour vs. freerunning debate, David never said a word. As a result, the community had problems within itself over parkour vs. freerunning until everyone eventually managed to work things out among themselves. No one really cares that much anymore; it’s not a major issue, everyone’s tired of the debate.

In 2011, David Belle decided to return. “Managed” by the increasingly questionable Adam Dunlap of Take Flight, David decided that it was time for him to return and impose some order on us unruly teenagers. Worse yet, we are apparently not worth the time it takes to make a video so that we can hear it straight from his lips. Instead, we are forced to listen to him via his Take Flight-approved Facebook and Twitter accounts. Are they actually managed by David Belle? It’s unproven, but likely. The important thing is that someone is using David’s name and he is aware of it.

While we have never heard anything directly from David’s mouth, it’s a safe assumption that he either approves or doesn’t care about what Adam Dunlap is doing. It’s laudable that David cares so little about the opinion of others, but as the (claimed) founder of parkour, he has a responsibility to lead. He has said:

If the people have wanted to spread the real Parkour then they would have come to see me instead of doing things in their corner as if I was dead. I gave a free sport to the world and now trying to put it in a cage.

He seems to want authority without responsibility. That’s not how leadership works.

If David Belle is the father of parkour, he owes some serious child support.

The Practical Reason

There is another side to consider. It has nothing to do with philosophy and everything to do with realism.

Jason Paul jumping the manpower gap

In the 90’s through the early 2000’s, David Belle was the most powerful, most skilled, and most visible traceur in the world. This is no longer the case. He’s gotten older as the awkward 14 year olds turned into Daniel Ilabaca, Ryan Doyle, Tim Shieff, Pip Andersen, and other high-level traceurs. Compared to the traceurs of today, the only thing that that stands out are Belle’s huge drops – and even his signature jump, the Manpower Gap, has been done by – among othersJason Paul, who surpasses him in speed and flow.

While Jason Paul is one of the few to risk the Manpower Gap, there are plenty of other traceurs whose are just as strong. Daniel Ilabaca is scarily fast, Tim Shieff is a herculean handbalancer, Ryan Doyle has incredible acro skill, Pip Andersen jumps like a flea, Toby Segar does enormous vaults, Daniel Arroyo exudes power with every move he makes.

Daniel Arroyos massive cat pass / kong vault

The point of this is not to compare David Belle to current generation traceurs.

That would not be fair; the current generation has had the benefit of the first traceurs’ experience and teaching. The point is that at during his time period, David was the obvious role model. He knew the most. He was the best out there.

This is no longer the case. There is no longer a single “best” traceur. There are hundreds of fantastic traceurs out there from whom to choose role models. A beginner can choose who to emulate. Whether you’re into rail precisions, huge vaults, wallrunning, tricking, handbalancing, twists, flips, or any other aspect of movement, there’s somebody out there who’s a master of it and not afraid to make videos.

Allow me to paraphrase an oft-repeated line of Take Flight’s: “Respect David Belle. Give him what he is due.”

Yes. Give David Belle respect, because that’s what he’s due. And that’s all. He hasn’t done anything productive for the parkour community in a long time. Yes, he is the founder / one of the founders, but he doesn’t deserve any more respect than any of the original Yamakasi who have been actively trying to spread parkour. Even some of the later generation like Stephane Vigroux command equal respect. David Belle doesn’t deserve unquestioned obedience. He doesn’t deserve worship. He’s not a god. He is the man that was heavily involved in the founding of parkour, and that’s all.

We’ve been putting it off for a long time, but it is time for the parkour community to begin to move beyond Belle.


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Update in response to some of the comments below:

The point of this article was not to start another debate over the definition of parkour or who founded it. Both of those issues have been thoroughly chewed over before, and they are irrelevant to the point I’m making. For the sake of expedience, assume that Belle was the sole founder and parkour had never existed in any shape or form before him.

The point I was trying to make is that David Belle is not the leader of the parkour community. Nor is he some kind of superhuman. I’m not saying that he’s worthless or that he needs to be forgotten. I respect him for who he is, but I do not believe that he has the right to exert or claim authority over the parkour community at large.

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  • Emad Haddara


  • ihatebloggers

    If I ever meet you I’m going to punch you in the face

    • AlanSchex

      What a coherent, well-reasoned, logical approach you take to this discussion.

    • Pacotetaco

      I understand someone telling your idol is not exactly, a role model,per se, anymore can be frustrating. However ranting like a 12 year old will help no one. Please create a paragraph on why Belle is still the Center Man. Or even a coherent sentence. I respect your opinion, but not how it was stated.

  • ihatebloggers

    “Parkour itself, the fastest and most efficient way to move”
    You obviously don’t know what Parkour is, because that’s not it. God dammit I fucking hate you Alan. So much. Please stop blogging so that I don’t have to go to prison for your murder.

    • Sole

      What’s parkour, then?
      Chill out, man.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002518597086 Ash Morrison

      Watch out lads, another fag who thinks Parkour is Freerunning and visa versa

      • TJ

        I highly doubt that’s his/her opinion.

    • C

      Jesus fuck, man. Get off the man’s dick.

      If you believe that efficiency, durability, and speed aren’t attributable to parkour, then what the hell do you think is? Please, enlighten us.

    • Axel Rollerboy

      why being so rude ? parkour is for fun and everyone understands it his way

  • TJ

    You miss a lot in your post. It is not accurate.

    He was filmed in several interviews in the meantime and said enough words that his definition was clear if you went and watched them.
    In addition, he was not ‘silent’, he was just not an Internet ‘citizen’ – he was baffled and entertained by the Windows Media Player visualiser on his trip to the US – so he was not aware of what was going on internationally and did not know how to be involved. There are of course his personal issues and he didn’t pursue that riole, but he didn’t understand the scale of what was going on out there.

    Also, READ HIS BOOK. Before you write another post, find a copy and read it. Then come back and speak about him and Parkour.

    • Syn

      I can say, it is a good book.

    • Benijermin

      What is this book you speak of?

      And I definitely agree with you on that part of how Belle paired this type of movement with a philosophy. Re-reading the article, I definitely think Alan could have talked about the philosophy and mental aspect of Parkour, because it is definitely (to me) more than just a physical discipline. I think that’s what we have to give Belle credit for; Not the movement, but the philosophy.

      While on this topic, this article really is only based on the physical part of Parkour. I would really love to see you write an article about the philosophy of the discipline, Alan!

      • Spencer

        The physical manifestation of parkour stems from the philosophy. Since parkour as a physical discipline is radically different now than it was at its inception, that indicates that the philosophy has also changed, on a global scale nonetheless. Were David an active part of the community, perhaps this wouldn’t be the case.

        • Benijermin

          Agreed, but for me, it will always be about more than just the physical! :)

      • TJ



        There’s no official (read: legal) English translation, but they can be found.

        • Benijermin

          Thank you!

        • http://www.facebook.com/Djones456 David Benjamin Jones

          Honestly looked everywhere and cannot find it, damn. And I thought I was good with torrent searches and such.

    • Danno

      Hey TJ you took a personal story of mine and butchered it .. =P. I guess you heard that story through someone else?

      • TJ

        Yeah, through many steps of “chinese whispers” I imagine. Sorry for any butchering :P

  • JD

    @21258b989d66b91e7ed06f8366517e1d:disqus Learn the discipline before you bash on somebody who knows what he’s talking about. Parkour is the discipline of moving from one point to another in a quick, efficient, and safe manner.

  • Ryan Ford

    I fully support this article.

    • TJ

      Of course you do.



    • Benijermin

      Oh, we all know you love him Wray… :P

    • C

      oh u

      Obvious troll is obvious.
      Back to YouTube wit’you. Go on, then.

  • Hainesy

    Hi Alan, I’m from Australia and I know that you are aware of the Australian scene because you have linked to the APA in your article.

    While I agree with you main point that the community should not worship DB like a god, I do so for different reasons. I think there are a number of things wrong in your article, but I would like to point out just one.

    Parkour was not around before DB. It did not exist in the 1920′s or 30′s. You think it did because your definition of parkour is wrong.

    Parkour includes fast efficient movement, but it is more than that. Parkour also includes a philosophy of altruism, useful strength and self-understanding. It is this philosophical concepts infused with the movement that seperate parkour from what was done previously. And it was DB that brought these two together (which you can read about at length in his biography).

    I would suggest you learn a bit more about the history of parkour and what it actually is before you go about making such claims. Register on the APA forums and we can have a good long chat. Or read DB’s biography.

    • http://www.facebook.com/parkourkorea Jiho Kim

      I try to find DB’s biography books long time on the Internet… Can you teach me where can I get them? – Traceur Jiho, South Korea-

    • C

      >”Parkour was not around before DB. It did not exist in the 1920′s or 30′s. You think it did because your definition of parkour is wrong.”

      And I suppose the Earth is only 4,000 years old and didn’t exist before God, but we thing it did because science is wrong, right?
      You’ve just attempted to make an essentially identical point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OSOK23 Bryan Coiffman

    Well said Alan Schexnayder, and the hate you’re getting isn’t really hate unless they have “valid” points, which I have yet to see one.

    ihatebloggers, with that name, you cancel out your own response.

    TJ, you say he was not silent, then you say reasons why he was. O.o

    Hain, what? the things you mention sound like… hmm.. lets see, something called… life, maybe? Seriously, and I really mean seriously… the whole thing about saying parkour has to do with self-this and self-that… I mean, really? I have never understood that. ANYTHING in the world has to do with SELF-ANYTHING. Why do people try to make parkour sound like this super-natural, psychological, twilight-zone bullshit? Why not simply saying parkour is this-that, and just mention that one of its characteristics is that it’s a mostly mental discipline? Oh, but wait, I could say the same thing about mountain biking, scuba diving, skydiving… so, yea. Because one crazy French wants to make parkour sound like God’s favorite way of physical training, it doesn’t mean it is.

    Anyway, I say good article.

    • Bun Bun

      Hainsey isn’t saying that those things haven’t been around before. Only that the specific elements were brought together in a unique combination and called Parkour.

      He isn’t trying to make it sound mystical at all. Its people like you that insinuate those things.

      People do have valid points, but you choose to ignore them because they don’t fit with the choice you have already made. Its the same for everyone.

    • Hainesy

      Bryan, I have spent years working out what the definition of parkour is from David Belle’s words. Below is what DB has said parkour is. You say it is similar to life. Correct. Parkour is to prepare you for life. To make you ready for life’s up’s and down’s, to allow you to make the best of your life. I’m not trying to make parkour into anything, I’m try to keep parkour the same as it was created.

      Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help if one is in a reach or escape emergency situation. Underpinning this is a philosophy of altruism and useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding.

      • http://www.facebook.com/OSOK23 Bryan Coiffman

        “Parkour is to prepare you for life.”



        You know what… I don’t even know what to say to that.

        How about the BILLIONS of people that have never practiced parkour? Are they NOT prepared for life? This is what I’m talking about… don’t get me wrong, parkour has been one of the best things I’ve found… but all this “life this” and “life that” shit is waaaaay over the top. The way you say parkour is there to prepare you for life, I can say the same about soccer; you know, it’s very hard to run for hours, which would be equivalent to never giving up in life. Also skydiving; you know, taking that leap of faith and facing fears head on. What about mountain biking… because, you know, life is full of ups and downs and it’s about knowing how to get over them…

        Seriously, parkour is simply the most efficient way to get from point A to point B, either by going over, under, or through any obstacle. PERI-FUCKING-OD.

        • TJ

          Wrong. You have an underdeveloped understanding of Parkour IMO. Have you read David’s book?

        • Hainesy

          Parkour is one of many ways to prepare you for life. It is not the only way.

          And I can say that parkour is about preparing you for life because the guy who defined and invented parkour has said so.

          “He [David Belle] also tried to explain the spiritual philosophy behind Parkour. “It’s a fight against yourself. Working on obstacles and overcoming them is a metaphor for life,””
          - http://parkourpedia.com/about/interviews-and-articles-of-interest/b13-interview

    • TJ

      I meant to say (to simplify) he spoke ENOUGH, but you had to actually look to find it, as he does not promote. He didn’t say HEAPS and weight in on politics, but he made his ideas and Parkour very clear. Sorry if that is not straightforward in my first post.

  • Pete

    This is such an irrelevant article it makes me weep for the Parkour community.

  • JKing

    I will disagree, sans death threats.
    David Belle has made a significant number of videos stating what parkour is and it’s definition. You are correct regarding the speed airman videos. You are incorrect regarding demanding anything from the community. The tenets of parkour have remained largely unchanged. No governing body. Non-competitive. Being of use through your strength and a sense of community. Safe training to ensure longevity. This has always been parkour. MOVEMENT has been around since man. Techniques of escape or reaching have existed before parkour was such a thing…but then again, so has combat. As we know it and understand it, from the parcours du combatant (which I cannot be bothered to correct to proper French) to parkour/free running; David Belle IS the founder of it. We owe him nothing but respect, and to he to us, nothing but the same, as people should exchange…but I do believe we are “beyond belle”…Just as MMA is beyond Lee, that doesn’t mean you forget who gave it to you.

    King from Kuwait

  • Nelli

    I don’t know what to think of this, honestly. Has the writer ever spoken to David in person? It seems to be a very biased point of view. How can someone spread so much negativity about someone? It kind of feels like some gossip article from a teenage girl that talks sh*t about some celebrity. Please, write a second article and compare Davids situation to that of this article after you did some more research or thought about it in a more neutral way.

    • Benijermin

      How is this article negative at all? He is just saying that David Belle deserves respect for being part of the creation of an amazing discipline, and that’s all! Plus, it is just his opinion. If you disagree, you can always be free to write your own article! :P

  • http://twitter.com/traceurelements Scott Bass

    This kind of brave writing is why I read FYPK. The video roundup is cool and stuff, but this kind of work is refreshing and thought povoking.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ParkourLuka Carl Luiker

      I agree

  • Just me

    I wonder what you want to accomplish with this article, because it looks like you’re just jealous of David’s status. Doesn’t everyone have their own right of thinking about someone in their own way? Of course there might be some errors in the things we know from David, but who cares? All that matters is that we have an awesome sport (discipline, way of live, etc.) and that we have a lot of fun with that and with the people who we meet because of this.

    Just my opinion…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=175000130 Matthew Lee Willis

    Completely disagree with the third sentence. Good article, but I disagree why the article was written. Although you raise very good points on not idol worshiping because, its just plain stupid. Also, just about everything else I understand completely.

    Your article was almost an dedication to getting rid of David Belle. Why would we do that? David Belle did something WONDERFUL for us. He let it happen without him. Abandonment I do not think so what so ever. What about MovNat. OWNED by Erwan, I mean, no one can say MovNat without being smashed down hard with a hammer. It is copyrighted, certified and the property of Erwan. What if David did that to us? Would there be as many people doing Parkour…absolutely not. David Belle, stepped out of the way to do nothing, yeah thats right, nothing for the art. He let it evolve, he let others make money off of it etc. He didnt own it but by golly do we need to never forget where it came from. Understand what he has done for us and as long as he is alive, for heaven sake continue to respect him for what he did.

    We hear little things about him turning his back on the community, smoking pot whatever it is…so what if he is not the best role model, neither was Johnny Cash, Elvis or Lady Gaga. But respect is given and as long as they are a part of what you are doing, respect the heck out of him. I know we get all craptastic when we talk Adam Dunlap and the business side of things, but David is coming back, and he will share with the community goals, missions and ideas that we will be listening to and it will shape the way of the future of Parkour. And Adam is helping do that. Whether you like how he is doing it with Adam or not, but it will change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/parkourkorea Jiho Kim

    Founder is Founder. Old school is old school. New school is new school.
    Everyone have own ways. I think 10 or 50 years later, future generations will estimate parkour history and protagonist. Parkour history so shorter than other discipline/movements.
    Thats it.

  • Semperfidelis23

    I think that this article is very well written and raises a really good point, but DB stepping back is part of parkour, because parkour doesnt have a defined set of moves or ways to move. So his stepping back is allowing parkour to develop, which is good, i think.

  • LucidKevin

    What I took from this article is just that David Belle is not the END ALL BE ALL of Parkour anymore, but that it is fine to still look to him for inspiration, but just that there are so many talented athletes now that you would really miss out if you only paid attention to “the best.”
    I’m a DB fan and enjoy the works that he has done, and I don’t personally think the intent of this article was to trash talk DB, but to point out something that needed to be pointed out. Just my view of it.

  • kyle c.

    I think that David Belle isnt a god or superhuman, but then again he never said he was. Ive seen a whole bunch of his interviews, and he says that parkour is evolving, and that it isnt going to stop evolving. He only wants to spread the philosophy of parkour. His philosophy is BE STONG TO BE USEFUL. We do parkour to be able to be in control of our bodies. To be able to have these skills in case of trouble. He never says that he wants us to worship him. If people think of him as an idol, I dont think you should have any say over that. And he didnt create parkour fully, his father, Raymond Belle, RIP, took George Herberts Methode Naturelle, and transformed it. Raymond used it to train for his jobs, because he was a firefighter and soldier. He adapted the Methode Naturelle to an urban environment, to be able to overcome obstacles to get to people. Then David took that method of training and turned it into parkour. So Raymond Belle, was the official creator of parkour, though not alot of people know that. I dont think David cares if we move on or not. He’ll still practice parkour. Anyway, he’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003467783233 Silas Klug

    I really enjoyed this article and agree 100% with everything you have said. I appreciate David for beginning a movement, but he has not been active enough to be a leader.

  • Zephyr

    Un vent de passage.

    The problem is not David Belle but the people around him … who created this war Parkour VS Freerun? The “DB team”. Who insult the evolution of parkour ? I remember the interview for the second movie district 13 ultimatum where we get agressivity and hear bad words because we wrote Freerun on the “stunt paper informations” . Who wanted to created a parkour park for his father and never end the project ? he wanted to make a memorial about his father ? where his the memorial where he wanted to do Events and COMPETITIONS ? I saw around the world more people doing good thing with parkour of bad people using it for bad. To do something and take descisions is harder of doing nothing. maybe doing movies to help the bad reputation of his own art is better. Doing something like all of the community’s around the world without any experience. just the courage to say ” We can help parkour beginners”. That what David Belle wanted and community did his job well , and we need to deal with the special new “French Urban Free Flow” with a new name … “Take flight” and who get the money David Belle (i hope) I respect that , be safe fare of every problem as a Parkour god and after take the money when all of the work is already made. When everyone continue to fix all of the mistakes who did his team.

    Sorry for my english. I’m not afraid about say things about him because we was in the front of each other like normal people and that was his choice to call me. When i meet him I saw a basic man not a parkour god or someone i need to respect more of one other. Both of us know already our own mistakes. I was in the front of the new generation and try to represent my country and the community and he was in the background doing nothing or maybe some projects who never saw the light. Who received the anger of our both mistakes?

    I traveled a lot and meet lot of community’s and give them courage to continue this hard work. To say ” David Belle is not here but his a good man”. To be a Good man is not helping the community to build structures of train coach. Without to forgot to talk about the basic rules of parkour. The basic rules of parkour come from before belle’s names. “Be strong and be smart”. That the new rules and values of David Belle what david do with take flight and that not parkour values. This is more a “business values”.

    I saw the best community’s and the best values and work come from people created things without knowing who is David Belle.

  • Zephyr

    David belle is a respectable man like everyone here no more. Can we talk about what to do for the parkour community around the world ? because David Belle are fare of became a problem in the future. Community , structures , rules , The evolution of the “Parkour Methode” what need the beginners? all of this things are more important of what kind of shirts people can sell with a parkour name on.

  • Zephyr

    Defintion of parkour everywhere around the world “Be strong and efficient” Please now be Strong , efficient and smart. Because France forget the smarter part in the process. Like i said in the interview in the “Parkour tour” France are selfish and wanted Parkour as just a philosophy for feel like martial art master and try to be in levitation… but shit we can’t control a basic and old natural way of moving and that why people take it and make it better. Because … they are not French they are not you or me or him.

    Jacky chan was the first one after George Hebert to show a efficient way of deplacement in the TV in a urban city but that banal to see him do this moves he did that all the time and we love his movies. But 7 young man from the suburb of paris that “Incredible” and more if we can make money with.

    About what problem we talk here ? David Belle don’t care of Parkour. We don’t care about him because we don’t needed him before and talk about him now is just a way to lost time…

    Think about community’s how to work to bring back together the all Parkour and Freerun community’s. how to explain with the same message around the world what is parkour and What is Freerun and that now .Because sports and art evolve that why we have athletes who come over the limits and artistes who found new way to express they art by creativity.

    1 devellopement of one methode of parkour with the old and the new generation with famous traceurs and sport coach , all of the big actual certifications need to became one.

    2 The Freerun is now the freestyle part of parkour including all of the physical expressions sport. We need academy polyvalent teacher and all need to be connected.

    David Belle in 2008 if i remember call me and ask me to take care of the Parkour Freestyle in France i’m sorry I continue to wait for his help… France don’t need anything and don’t evolve so they don’t need me they need a old man who don’t care about it.

    I try to help the community in europe and united stats as a french man and explain making mistakes when you try is better of not trying like where i come from ( i come from a parkour and freerunning chaos ) 3 names , 3 philosophies , 3 leaders. and one ass hole “ME” who don’t care if you are a fucking “God or a Master” because I’m young. I’m good. And I learn how to be strong and kick you master ass with a better techniques from my generation. The problem of old people are simple as a young man everyone young or old still a student for the rest of they life’s.

    What did or what will do david belle is not important . What you can do for the new generation ?. That the question you need to think about. I leave france for United states because France stay stoke in they own shit.

    Yoann Zephyr leroux

    [email protected]

    “We are under the same sky”

    • Hainesy

      Zephyr, you make some good points. I fully believe in the power of our movement to change people’s lives. That is why I teach with the APA and work hard to develop my own ability. But I also believe these discussions are important. Parkour can change people’s lives for the better. But into the future as parkour grows we will need to be able to justify parkour to the authorities (police and politcians). Others can pretend this is not the case and run away from it but I won’t. We have to do something before the authorities do.
      Parkour is inherently a good thing, but the authorities don’t see that because there is so much confusion about what parkour is (pk, fr, freestyle pk, etc.) So I want to show and prove to everyone that parkour is good and freerunning is good. To do that we have to define what parkour and freerunning are. So that when a kid jumps from the 8th story to the 5th story with 1 month of training we cane say ‘that is not parkour, that is stupidity’. And to define parkour we need to listen to the guy who invented it. We need to listen to David Belle because he knows parkour better than any of us. We have learnt it, but he thought of it. His knowledge of parkour is not complete, but it is immense and certainly larger than yours, mine or anyone else’s.

  • Zephyr

    I ‘m in the same city of bruce lee now “seattle” and i think his idea was to kick ass with the best technique , parkour is this technique , but actually people continue to practice every martial art and artistique martial arts because they just love moving and enjoy. The way I think is ” if i can be efficient I will be able to play”

    But I promise when war will came. good at parkour or not you will die because of a bullet.

    I ‘m in the same city of bruce lee now “seattle” and i think his idea was to kick ass with the best technique , parkour is this technique , but actually people continue to practice every martial art and artistique martial arts because they just love moving and enjoy. The way I think is ” if i can be efficient I will be able to play”

    But I promise when war will came. good at parkour or not you will die because of a bullet.

    Phylosophie help heros to die with honor. good for them… I’m not a hero. but i will die for a good reason after doing my best to take more good descisions and fix my mistakes. That why I give my trust the new generation and not to David Belle because be a good teacher is to accept to be here on time , made mistakes , keep going and leave the rest to this new young kid who want to be a hero but will became a brave man for his wife and his kid.

    Don’t be a hero . Don’t be a sheep .Trust yourself . Trust your judgment . Fight against the world. To be on time is the first rule. David Belle need a watch.

  • trainingforparkour

    I would also like to say that the rest of the Yamakasi are absolutely phenominal traceurs as well as humble, dedicated and driven people. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to train with Chau (David’s cousin), Stephane and Yohann Vigroux among others and their level of skill and knowledge is absolutely profound. The one thing they generally avoid, however, is the limelight. They’ll never go out looking to be featured in a film or to show the world what they can do. They train to prove it to themselves, not others. This was discussed in depth at the second American Rendezvous event in Columbus, OH.

  • Kaze

    Hi everyone,

    It is true that everything is made of complication and intox. But trying to understand things.

    Myself, Stephane Vigroux (first tracer team of David.B) and yamakasi or David Belle, could be well disappear… Than the most important the message left, you no longer need us…
    We showed you to understand our school our Parkour-Spirit (martial art) useful force for body and mind –

    Freerun is closer to (Martial Art artisque) break dancer’s acrobat show… ( For me ) Freerun is still Parkour, but the training goal is differente.

    Now everyone does as they want, each person is different, and there will be something for everyone.

    David or some of us. In free movement.
    We have not had really a plan for the community. Even if people push you to do behind…
    David left you a message. After, once again everyone is free.

    Not happy?

    Do by yourself!

    And there are those who are beautiful and kind that are here and a nice plan for the community, and have lots of things to tell you … but all this is that commercial …

    Why do we always need to be join, to be alienated …

    Then made your way with your team … and stay free …
    We are all a community nearby. Parkour and Freerunner.

    Creating free world.

    Keep respect the man, who, in the time… Was the only man able to show you a new way.

    Etre et durer

    Kaze.S – aka Kazuma

  • Kaze

    Et en ce qui concerne le grand frustre!! Ferme ta gueule et fait ce que tu as a faire!

  • Kaze

    Hi everyone,

    It is true that everything is made of complication and intox. But trying to understand things.

    Myself, Stephane Vigroux (first tracer team of David.B) and yamakasi
    or David Belle, could be well disappear… Than the most important the
    message left, you no longer need us…
    We showed you to understand our school our Parkour-Spirit (martial art) useful force for body and mind –

    Freerun is closer to (Martial Art artisque) break dancer’s acrobat
    show… ( For me ) Freerun is still Parkour, but the training goal is

    Now everyone does as they want, each person is different, and there will be something for everyone.

    David or some of us. In free movement.
    We have not had really a plan for the community. Even if people push you to do behind…
    David left you a message. After, once again everyone is free.

    Not happy?

    Do by yourself!

    And there are those who are beautiful and kind that are here and a
    nice plan for the community, and have lots of things to tell you … but
    all this is that commercial …

    Why do we always need to be join, to be alienated …

    Then made your way with your team … and stay free …
    We are all a community nearby. Parkour and Freerunner.

    Creating free world.

    Keep respect the man, who, in the time… Was the only man able to show you a new way.

    Etre et durer

    Kaze.S – aka Kazuma

  • Axel Rollerboy

    we need someone as an idol, he was there at the right time at the right place that’s all.
    he has inspired all of us so you don’t need to criticize neither consider him as a god
    he is one of the first well-known traceurs just respect and be inspired

  • Noname

    David Belle has never said he is a founder of parkour. He always said in his interviews that his father was the one who told him about it and David just brought it to the world.

  • LaflairParkour

    The inventor of parkour was Douglas Fairbanks or Jackie Chan! Why does everybody forget about Jackie Chan he was doing parkour in movies in the 1980′s! Only back then they were called Stunts and people who did them were called stuntmen.

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