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Weekly Video Showcase 59: FANs, Couples, and a Clean Mind

A spot o’ news before the videos: check out the premiere of CW’s new show Arrow. It has some of the best parkour scenes I’ve seen on TV – aside from Casino Royale of course. The actor supposedly trained at Tempest Freerunning Academy, which explains why it’s so good. Oh, and it’s Alexander Bayturin’s (aka BAIT) birthday!

Five Years Training

I want his leg power.

Tempest Home Videos : VOL.5 – Couples Retreat

Frosti… Why?!



Touch The Sky

I love his long runs. Excellently flowy.

’2 YEARS’ – Episode 107

Oh, Storror…

Clean your mind. Summer 2012. Parkour.

Katie McDonnell – Summer 2012

The Weekly Video Showcase is a compilation of the best parkour videos from the past 7 days.

Watch them all here.

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  • Liam Hamon

    My friend Jordan got a piggy-back ride from Frosti on Saturday.