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Weekly Video Showcase 61: Heavyweights, Blue Shorts, and Daggettween

I promise I’ll have a new article up this week…


Massive drops and jumps, wow.

X-Tour – Euro Trip 2012

Epic, epic trip.

BS/ Blue Shorts Massive

A Taste Of Whats To Come…

I cannot wait for the full video.

Parkour Visions 2012 Sampler

Needs baggier pants. Otherwise very nice.

‘Whitley’s Extra’ – Episode 108

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rafe.kelley Rafe Kelley

    In regards to the PKV sampler less baggy pants is a bit of signature of our scene. I dislike really baggy pants because you can catch them on things or catch your hand on them plus the make it harder to see the actually quality of someones movement. They do make movements appear flowier but its visual illusion that can hide problematic movement. Thanks for featuring us BTW.

    • AlanSchex

      Ah, fair enough! I just like the look and feel of them.