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Weekly Video Showcase 65: Aura, Epic Rolls, and Observation

Team Farang has a new video coming out soon… Color me excited. And color them blue, green, and red, apparently.

Aura 2012 – Remember, November

I love the movement of both these guys.

8 years of training down the drain

In the comments Bait says the last jump isn’t him… But who is it!?

TUTORIAL – Land & Roll on Concrete

Kyle Mendoza, you make a lot of fantastic tutorials. Sadly, this is not one of them. See the next video for a much better roll tutorial.

Beginner Roll Tutorial (Part 1) – Parkour Ukemi

Goodbye Cambridge

Scott Bass/Ampisound’s videos never fail to impress.

‘Apparel Sunday’ – Episode 114

The Observer Modifies What He Observes – Anthopk13

Those locations… Wow.

The Weekly Video Showcase is a compilation of the best parkour videos from the past 7 days.

Watch them all here.

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  • http://denny.me Denny

    Isn’t the location for most of the last one the exact same bits of District 13 that l1consolable used in his video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dkA8qje7kY ‘May movement tell them what words cannot say’? (Which, possibly ironically, was made to show the bits of that area that nobody usually trains on, because they’re not ‘the famous jumps’.)

    • http://denny.me Denny

      Ah, in fact I’ve just read the description and it looks like this was filmed at the same time, they were training there together.