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Weekly Video Showcase 68: A Morning Run, Animation, and the Snatch

I apologize for the shortness of this week’s Showcase. Been a bit busy, but the coming few weeks are gonna be good.

Tempest Freerunning – Diddy’s Morning Run – Paul Darnell

I really really really enjoyed this video. Diddy has really good landings, strong glute activation.

World Aquatic Parkour Masters 2012 ft. Jason Paul and Zyrken

Life’s A Game – Parkour Animation

What it means to be a Freerunner – Team Farang

Get Up! – Pueyo Parkour 2012

Life in a Handstand: The Snatch (ep 5)

Best Life in a Handstand yet.

The Weekly Video Showcase is a compilation of the best parkour videos from the past 7 days.

Watch them all here.

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  • iamhewho

    nice vids man , check out my new one , see what ya think