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Beyond Belle

The time has come for the parkour community to admit something.

David Belle is not a god in human form. David Belle is not superhuman. Most importantly, David Belle is no longer the leader of the parkour community.

Why not?

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Interview with Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap

Adam Dunlap

Take Flight Apparel has been going through quite a bit of turmoil lately. Their actions for the past few months have been increasingly alarming. Things came to a head late last April, when I reported on their acquisition of parkour.com and the subsequent disappearance of that site’s former content. The comments on that post led to Adam Dunlap, founder of Take Flight, offering to do an interview to explain – the only one he plans to do. Here it is, along with my analysis of his answers.

To get a really good grasp on everything we talk about, you’ll want to read DavidBelle.com and Take Flight Apparel and Goodbye, Parkour.com; Hello, Parkour.com, which document the history behind this.

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DavidBelle.com and Take Flight Apparel


This entire article is somewhat pointless now, because this picture just appeared on David Belle’s Facebook page:

Guess that makes this kinda irrelevant. But since I did quite a lot of research, this will be published anyway, just for reference. The opinions I had written have been deleted. (Although it’s worth noting that in the original article, I did conclude that David Belle’s social media accounts were almost certainly the real thing. See, proof!) Use anything below as a reference if you’re interested in the history behind this incident.

From this point up until to the second-to-last picture, everything appears as I originally wrote it.


Davidbelle.com and Take Flight Apparel

There’s been a good deal of controversy about David Belle’s new website, davidbelle.com. The primary point of contention is that – as of this writing – it seems to be little more than a watered-down advertisement for Take Flight Apparel. But before we can draw any conclusions, let’s review the available facts, verify those facts, and hear explanations from those involved. Then we’ll draw conclusions and see where those conclusions lead us. Continue Reading →

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