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Should I Do Parkour In Gloves?

The brief answer: No. The real answer: No, but there are exceptions.

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t wear gloves while doing parkour, plus an explanation of why it may sometimes be okay to wear them. Continue Reading →

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Should I Run From The Police?

No, you shouldn’t. Admittedly, I’ve only had one encounter with the cops. And the policeman was a nice guy. With an epic mustache. But I wouldn’t have run in any case.

Firstly, because I’m not doing anything wrong. If I’m on private property, the owner can tell me to bug off. And I usually don’t train on private property because it’s rude to do so without asking. If I’m on public property, it’s public property. I have just as much right to use it as anyone else. As long as my training isn’t disruptive or harmful to other people, then there is no justification for a cop to accost me.

Secondly, running from cops promotes a bad image of parkour. If I run from a cop, then he thinks I’m doing something wrong. So next time he sees me or another traceur, he’s not going to be in a mood to listen to explanations.

Thirdly, it’s stupid. Yeah, odds are he won’t catch me. But now I can never go back to that training spot again without having to be flipping careful, and the whole reason I was there in the first place was because it’s a good training spot.

On the one occasion I was stopped, the cop was a nice guy. He said someone had called in a report of kids jumping off walls; he didn’t know if it was true or not, he didn’t even ask if it was true. He asked me and my friends to be safe and he implied we should probably leave. He took our names and addresses for “routine reporting.” I didn’t like that part and I’m pretty sure he didn’t have the authority to do so, but I complied anyway. What’s the point of pissing the cop off? He’s just doing his job.

Fourthly, as a citizen of a country, you have an obligation to obey its laws and officers of the law. I know this doesn’t sit well with the defiant “f*** da police” attitude of the average teenage middle-class white “rebel”,  but this is what mature adults do.

Anyway, my point is this: cops are not your enemies. They’re there to protect you, although annoyingly they sometimes feel the need to protect you from yourself. If you get a cop like that, nod politely, assure him you’ll be safe, part amicably if possible, then get the hell out of there. I like to be a ninja traceur: train for 10-15 minutes in one place, then move on. By the time the cops get there, I’m long gone. Boom, crisis averted. Be sneaky, avoid the cops and you won’t have any trouble.


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A Note on Rolls

Rolls are hard to learn. The exact angle the shoulder needs to be tilted, the way your hands need to hit in order to smoothly transition to your shoulder, what to do with your legs, that damnable hipbone that seems to have an unhealthy love for the floor… There are all sorts of problems people have when rolling. Striking the spine on the ground is one of the most common. It’s flipping PAINFUL, too. There’s a simple way to fix this:


Yes, I’m serious.

Pull-ups build up the muscles in your back. Those muscles will act as a pad when you’re rolling. They compress when landed on, lengthening the time it takes for the kinetic energy from landing to transfer from your body to the ground. Net effect: No pain. Since bone can’t compress, that energy is transferred instantly. Net effect: “OW OW OW OW”

As a bonus, pull-ups also increase your arm strength, which will let you take more weight on your hands, which means less weight gets loaded on your back. Win!

Now, go do some pull-ups!


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Why Jumping Between Buildings is a Bad Idea

I’m saying this as someone who has been roof-jumping. There’s a significant difference between jumping from a height and jumping from one building across an alley/street to another building.

For the fully trained and conditioned, roof-jumping is much safer than it looks. The worst thing that can happen is a messed-up roll. But if the traceur is trained enough, the likelihood of that happening is extremely low, comparable to someone walking along a smooth surface and tripping for no reason whatsoever. It does happen – but it’s not probable. There are other issues, too – knees and ankles getting worn out, but the individual jumps are not that dangerous.

Jumping between buildings, on the other hand, pushes the boundaries of parkour into the definite “extreme sport” category. There is no reason to make jumps like this at such huge heights. The jumps are fine – it’s the height that’s the problem. When the slightest miscalculation could mean death or severe injury, that’s not parkour. That’s idiocy. Heck, if there was a strong gust of wind, you could freaking die. Because you’re too stupid to use common sense and realize, “Hey, this is a bad idea. Is getting a lot of views on YouTube worth my life?”

Don’t just look before you leap. Think before you leap.

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