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Traceurs You Must Know

Who's who? The parkour world is filled with massively skilled traceurs – so much so, in fact, that it can sometimes be difficult to tell one from the other. There are hundreds, probably thousands of people out there who could be on a list of world-class traceurs. Figuring out who’s who in the parkour community used to be something you would have to do by spending massive amounts of time watching videos. Or, you could have a friend sit down and talk you through all of them.

Today, I am that friend. This is a shortlist of the world’s most skilled and influential traceurs. Continue Reading →

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10 Must See Parkour Videos

Storm Freerun Vol. 1

It has recently been brought to my attention that not everyone has the time or desire to scour YouTube for the all best parkour videos. So! I’ve compiled a list of the video every traceur should see. Note that these are not necessarily the best videos, or the most influential, or the most viewed… Just the ones with which every serious practitioner should be familiar. Continue Reading →

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