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Weekly Video Showcase 41: Helicoptero, Dating, and a Teaser

Helicoptero Exampler and Progressions

Did not expect to make a video this week, but the gif of this move suddenly became my most noted post on Tumblr pretty much overnight, and got posted to reddit three times. So I figured I might as well attempt to stop the LOLFAKE comments. Continue Reading →

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The Tale of a Two-Year-Old Traceur (And What You Can Learn From Him)

I passed my two year anniversary of doing parkour a few weeks ago! Watch my celebration video, then read on for a look at how I got to where I am today.

Once upon a time, there was a short, bespectacled, teenage, MMORPG addicted, nerdy, skinny-flabby internet potato. One afternoon, while engaging in the fine art of stalking his Facebook friends, he came upon a status talking about a friend’s day of doing parkour. Curious, he looked up parkour and found Ryan Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca, and the 3Run crew. Flabbergasted and intrigued at these awe-inspiring movements, he began inquiring about how to get started doing parkour.

From that day on, Alan’s world changed. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 27: Madrid, Lisbon, and Japan

Those backflip-front flip combos… Sick!


Small video o’ mine, just testing out my new camera. Nothing huge or impressive, just an afternoon of training. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 18: Me, Cuties, and Standing Still

Hey look, it’s me! Continue Reading →

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Check Your Take-offs

It's exactly as high as it looks.

Everybody knows to check their landings. But do you check your take-offs? This message was driven into my butt head rather firmly yesterday, when I set up a stump for highish front flips and forgot to make sure it was stable. Ran up to it, jumped on the wobbly part, and started tucking. But because I launched from an unstable place, my tuck immediately fell apart. Predictably, I landed on my butt. It’s a good thing I was doing the jump over soft grass and dirt, because I probably would have broken my tailbone if it had happened on concrete.

Check your take-offs and landings. Interrupted flow is better than interrupted training because of an injury.

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