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Traceuses You Must Know

Right now, there is no denying that parkour is a male dominated sport. This is changing, as more and more girls see that it’s okay to go train with guys. These 7 traceuses have risen to the top of the growing wave of girl parkour.

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Interview with Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap

Adam Dunlap

Take Flight Apparel has been going through quite a bit of turmoil lately. Their actions for the past few months have been increasingly alarming. Things came to a head late last April, when I reported on their acquisition of parkour.com and the subsequent disappearance of that site’s former content. The comments on that post led to Adam Dunlap, founder of Take Flight, offering to do an interview to explain – the only one he plans to do. Here it is, along with my analysis of his answers.

To get a really good grasp on everything we talk about, you’ll want to read DavidBelle.com and Take Flight Apparel and Goodbye, Parkour.com; Hello, Parkour.com, which document the history behind this.

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Daniel Ilabaca To Play Faith in Live-Action Mirror’s Edge Movie

As Parkour Generations reported a few days ago, there’s a live-action Mirror’s Edge movie in the works. It has now been exclusively revealed to FYPK that parkour star Daniel Ilabaca has been tapped to play female protagonist Faith Connors.

“Daniel Ilabaca was the obvious choice,” said the unrevealed director of the film, which is slated for release in 2014. “His long, flowing black hair, his name recognition among traceurs all over the world, his incredible style and skill, all come together to make him the perfect candidate for the live-action version of Faith.”

“Our only problem might be prying him loose from Wrigley. After doing that totally freaking sweet commercial for their 5Gum product several months ago, I’ve been told that it’s very difficult to get him away from his computer-generated parkour paradise. He even sleeps there, it’s been reported. However, we think we can entice him away from that blue and orange wonderland with the promise of a custom-designed parkour house in the location of his choice, as well as a hundred pairs of any shoe he wants. We’re even willing to commission custom shoes for him – in any color he wants! At least, as long as they’re red.”

When asked about the problem of Ilabaca being male and Faith being female, the director brushed it off as trivial. “The wonders of modern CGI will take care of that easily. I mean, have you seen Avatar? If James Cameron can make convincing blue kitty people, our crack team of animators can easily deal with the effects of an errant Y chromosome. Not a big deal. Piece of cake.”

“We’re very excited about Danny coming on board,” FYPK was told by other personnel involved in the movie-making process. “We think he’ll make a brilliant Faith.”

No word yet on who will play Faith’s sister Kate Connors, although the director hinted that Daniel Arroyo, on account of his previous experience doubling females, was in consideration.

Update: Yes, this is in fact an April Fool’s joke. Daniel Ilabaca will not be playing Faith, although the Mirror’s Edge movie is supposed to happen.

But wouldn’t it be funny/awesome if he did?

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The Tale of a Two-Year-Old Traceur (And What You Can Learn From Him)

I passed my two year anniversary of doing parkour a few weeks ago! Watch my celebration video, then read on for a look at how I got to where I am today.

Once upon a time, there was a short, bespectacled, teenage, MMORPG addicted, nerdy, skinny-flabby internet potato. One afternoon, while engaging in the fine art of stalking his Facebook friends, he came upon a status talking about a friend’s day of doing parkour. Curious, he looked up parkour and found Ryan Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca, and the 3Run crew. Flabbergasted and intrigued at these awe-inspiring movements, he began inquiring about how to get started doing parkour.

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10 Must See Parkour Videos

Storm Freerun Vol. 1

It has recently been brought to my attention that not everyone has the time or desire to scour YouTube for the all best parkour videos. So! I’ve compiled a list of the video every traceur should see. Note that these are not necessarily the best videos, or the most influential, or the most viewed… Just the ones with which every serious practitioner should be familiar. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 20: Old Shade New Shade, Capoeira, and Barefootedness

The earliest Shade video ever.


The latest Shade vid. Biiiiig difference. Continue Reading →

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