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Weekly Video Showcase 63: Fails, Exits, and IMAX War

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Weekly Video Showcase 50: The Philosophy Edition

For Weekly Video Showcase number 50, I wanted something more than the usual video of run-jump-flip-spin-run-jump-flip-roll-run. You can find that in any of the other 49 editions of the WVS. Today, not quite a year since FYPK was founded, we’re taking a look at the sometimes surprisingly deep philosophy behind the discipline of parkour.

Choose Not To Fall

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Traceurs You Must Know

Who's who? The parkour world is filled with massively skilled traceurs – so much so, in fact, that it can sometimes be difficult to tell one from the other. There are hundreds, probably thousands of people out there who could be on a list of world-class traceurs. Figuring out who’s who in the parkour community used to be something you would have to do by spending massive amounts of time watching videos. Or, you could have a friend sit down and talk you through all of them.

Today, I am that friend. This is a shortlist of the world’s most skilled and influential traceurs. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 38: The Sébastian Foucan Edition

Today is Sébastian Foucan’s birthday! As usual, let’s celebrate with a compilation of his videos.

sebastien foucan dans casino royale

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Sébastien Foucan puts Fineside to the test

Another Séb video, because WHY NOT!

It’s good to see some parkour done in the real old school, “escaping” style. It’s clear that this isn’t Séb training; he’s actually practicing parkour, which isn’t seen too often in today’s videos. There are no huge precisions or cats; those would take too long. He’s doing it. No hesitation, no waiting. All efficiency and quick movement.

Watch the positioning of his feet as he jumps. At 0:17, 1:19, 1:30, and 2:48, you can see that his feet and legs are more opened and pointed outward than many jumps you see in current videos.

I wonder if this is just the way that’s most comfortable for him to jump, or if there’s some other reason for it. It looks like he’s being propelled forward instead of just dropping.

His landings are interesting, too.

This drop was pretty much straight down. He appears to take the impact about 60% with his legs, 40% with his arms. This is probably because of his massive upper-body power, which can also be seen in how quickly he does climb-ups from cats and wallruns. Still, I can’t help but wonder if the arms are underutilized when it comes to absorbing drops.

One more thing: the frequency with which he uses speed vaults.

The majority of vaults used in today’s videos are kongs. But Séb and David Belle and a lot of the Yamakasi use speed vaults a lot, far more than most traceurs today. I wonder if the reason for that is rooted in the inherent quickness of the speed vault or the fact that most of the obstacles on which they trained were the perfect size and height for speeds, and so that’s the one they became most familiar with. That’s pure conjecture, but it’s fun to think about.

It’s good to see Séb back in action.

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Sébastien Foucan’s First Performance on Dancing on Ice

Well woah. Séb did very well, probably to absolutely no one’s surprise. Certainly not mine.

The dance definitely played to Séb’s strengths, with the rolls, the pistols, and the part during the first few seconds where his partner rocks back and forth as he holds her up.

The only part I can see that was directly influenced by parkour were the rolls. Hopefully there will be a lot more in future dances, although it will have to be fairly subtle to not look contrived. Of course it’s a little difficult to practice parkour on a flat surface, let alone ice, so it’ll be very interesting to watch. Dive rolls over Brianne, perhaps?


Here’s dance 2:

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