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Puma Faas 500 Review

Puma Faas 500

Any shoe that’s worn and recommended by such parkour greats as Chase Armitage, Ryan Doyle and Sam Parham has a high reputation by default. Let’s see if the Puma Faas 500s live up to the expectations brought on by the endorsements, both implied and overt, of such well-known traceurs – and while we’re at it, let’s find out if they’re worth the $90 price tag.

Puma Faas 500

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Feiyue Review


Amazing grip, “like claws for your feet.”

Minimal padding.

No ankle support.


Everything about the Feiyue (Chinese for “flying forward”) martial arts shoe screams, “USE ME FOR PARKOUR!” After the WFPF KOs, it’s probably the shoe most recommended for parkour by those in the know. A perusal of the shoe threads on just about any parkour forum will inevitably find someone (or several someones) extolling the virtues of Feiyues. Are they right? Let’s find out. Continue Reading →

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