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How to Train When You Can’t Train

Picture these scenarios:

Crack. Suddenly, your ankle is in fiery pain. No training allowed while you recover.

Snap. Your knee shouldn’t be making that sound on landing. No training allowed while you recover.

Twist. Guess you won’t be using that shoulder for a few weeks. No training allowed while you recover.

Injuries, sickness, and general life often get in the way of proper training. But that’s no excuse for not getting better. Parkour has a huge mental component – and you don’t need to be physically active to train your mind. Continue Reading →

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The Tale of a Two-Year-Old Traceur (And What You Can Learn From Him)

I passed my two year anniversary of doing parkour a few weeks ago! Watch my celebration video, then read on for a look at how I got to where I am today.

Once upon a time, there was a short, bespectacled, teenage, MMORPG addicted, nerdy, skinny-flabby internet potato. One afternoon, while engaging in the fine art of stalking his Facebook friends, he came upon a status talking about a friend’s day of doing parkour. Curious, he looked up parkour and found Ryan Doyle, Daniel Ilabaca, and the 3Run crew. Flabbergasted and intrigued at these awe-inspiring movements, he began inquiring about how to get started doing parkour.

From that day on, Alan’s world changed. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 27: Madrid, Lisbon, and Japan

Those backflip-front flip combos… Sick!


Small video o’ mine, just testing out my new camera. Nothing huge or impressive, just an afternoon of training. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 26: Vikings, Apex, and Bollywood

Viking tricking. WHY doesn’t this have millions of views?


Truly epic. I’m excited to see Americans starting to reach the skill levels of their brothers across the pond (*cough*3Run*cough*) Continue Reading →

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Music You Should Never Use

Music is an important part of any showreel. When the audio fits the visuals, it can vastly enhance the viewing experience. When the music doesn’t fit… the opposite happens.

And sometimes the music fits the movements, but the song is inappropriate because it’s…

  • overused
  • associated with a more popular video
  • overused because of that association

Why is this a bad thing?

Copying the music from a popular video is a simple, quick way to add excitement to your own showreel. But! Realize that viewers will probably have already seen that popular video – and when they hear the music start to play, their minds will drift over to that video, instead of staying focused on yours. Originality is key to an interesting video. With that in mind, here are a few of the most notable songs you need to avoid. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 24: HDR, Tuolumne, and a Message

Woah, full-on HDR for the entire video! Continue Reading →

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