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Weekly Video Showcase 47: The Santorini Submission Edition

The submission period for the Santorini Red Bull Art of Motion closed on July 20th, so lots of good videos popped up in the past few days.

One more Hambaburger

I think this may be my favorite AoM submission yet. Continue Reading →

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Profiting From Parkour

Name one thing all of these companies have in common:

Urban Freeflow. American Parkour. The WFPF. Take Flight Apparel. Red Bull. 3Run. Team Tempest.

They all make money from parkour.

Name one thing all of these people have in common:

David Belle. Sébastien Foucan. Ryan Doyle. Daniel Ilabaca. Luci Romberg.

They all make money from parkour.

Profiting from parkour is not a bad thing. It is not against the tenets of parkour. It’s possible to make money from parkour without being unfaithful to its philosophy. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 33: Ukraine, TamCam, and Merciless

3RUN Family – Insane in the Ukraine 2012

Words cannot express how much I love this video. As a general rule I stay stonefaced whenever I’m on the computer, but this video had me smiling, laughing, and jaw dropping at the same time. Seriously 3run, how are you so awesome? Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 31: 2runs, Lemma, and a Castaway

Why, it’s Easter! Have a picture of what not to do in celebration, despite how much fun it appears:

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WFPF KO Gen 2 Review

The original Know Obstacle shoes were something of a watershed product. They were the first inexpensive shoes designed specifically for parkour. With the support of the WFPF and their cadre of famous, highly influential traceurs, there was no way these shoes would go unnoticed. And they didn’t. Today, there’s hardly a parkour video on YouTube in which the traceurs aren’t wearing KO’s at some point.

It’s hard to improve on that type of product, and dangerous to make changes. So for the second generation, the WFPF has chosen the route of refining small aspects of the shoe instead of making sweeping changes. Read on to find out exactly what those changes are, how they affect the experience of using the Gen 2′s, and whether the little refinements will be worth the price of the upgrade. Continue Reading →

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Weekly Video Showcase 13: Korey, Bicycles, and a Lamborghini

Before we get to the videos, pause a moment for Korey Sarvas, who drowned on December 4. RIP, Korey. Though I was not fortunate enough to know you, the whole parkour world grieves at the untimely passing of a brother.


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